i wrote you a song
it’s just a picture of you
but it sings for me


last night i laid in a bathtub
gin was quiet company
as i sang to the father
pleaded with the son
and drank for the holy ghost
my God was laid to rest
and i am quite content, now.


with the dawn
came the resolve
to finally find you

because here
is who i used to be
in hiding

and in time
when the coat’s disposed
in my splendor

all that is left
is a man
in simple garb

i will find you here
and adore you so,

love you through
me, from deep
in these glittering


to love and never be seen
but appreciated, none the less
is a love for the light runner
and his beloved actress.


as the colors fade
i look unto you and find
your brightness still shines.


you are a sharp blade
i use to fight my demons
and distance really hurts.

i’m a gentle man-
i often remind myself
our roots are planted
but while your flowers
spread wild and bright
mine just seem to stay
close to the trunk.

i have no glistening jewels
or secret powers to win you
but i’m a gentle man-
fighting these violent thoughts
to keep me company
in your stead.

photography by Razvan Macavei.

The Ante Room, by Rick Amor.
Painter’s Inspiration, by Jacek Malczewski.


give her the power
and let the coins fall
into her hand-
it does not matter
whether the fingers
are mine or hers.

just give me her
in all her glory
and let me unwind
her clothes and
touch her smooth skin.

i will weave through her legs
and tangle into her like a knot
and sense the breath on her lips
to be something of a plea.

for when the morning comes
she will be in my arms
both hot and moist from
the tender spoils of love
and it will be her lips
upon my ears
whispering the sweetest
of words unto my dreaming wake.